I’ve seen better UI design


Toshiba is working on a new display technology that allows you to get a 360 degree view of what’s on your screen. The downside is you’ve got to strap on a 6 lbs. helmet that makes you look like a bobble-head Neil Armstrong. I think they should have kept this one under wraps before releasing press photos of their prototype. (link to Daily Mail story)





2 responses to “I’ve seen better UI design”

  1. nicki Avatar

    How do you take conference calls with that contraption on? And is there a special straw hole for lattes?

  2. iankennedy Avatar

    Conference calls envelope you as an immersive experience, participants dancing around your ears. Powerpoint slides are tactile and bad graphics smell funny. No need for a latte hole, the helmet just fills up and you drink it in by tipping your head to the side.

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