Month: August 2007

  • Barack Obama’s MySpace network back up to previous levels

    As the US Presidential campaigns heat up, Techpresident is going to be an interesting site to watch and a goldmine for stats junkies. Checking in today it looks like Obama’s number of MySpace friends is back up the levels just previous to last May’s dust up.

  • Speaking with a Hangover

    Speaking with a Hangover

    Practical Advice from the Pros

  • Facebook and RSS out

    Facebook and RSS out

    Dave Winer pointed out that RSS feeds are now available for your Friends Status, Friends Posted and Notifications pages in Facebook. The friends updates have been around for a while but the notifications feed might be new. An astute comment on the Techcrunch post about this news says: The news feed really was a stroke […]

  • Chart your course with

    Just to see if I could do it, I went way beyond my normal running course and took the long way home. When I got home I used to measure the distance. Very cool tool.

  • BarCamp Palo Alto next weekend

    I’m very excited that I have time to check out BarCamp next weekend in Palo Alto. This will be the first BarCamp that I’ve been to. I’ve been to workshops and sessions put on by Chris Messina and other folks affiliated with BarCamp and they’ve been really good so I’m sure this will be great. […]

  • Social News

    Social News

    The Social Media Club gathered at the KQED studios in San Francisco to discuss “social news aggregators.” It was a panel discussion so unfortunately there was not a lot of time for interaction with the audience but with Digg, Reddit, and Topix represented on the panel, there was plenty to learn. Pictured above, the panel […]

  • Ambition

    “Oh, and one more thing just before I head home today” This note was spotted on one of the MyBlogLog engineer’s desks. Not too ambitious is he? I like the fact that it’s on a Post-It, just a reminder in case you forgot!

  • Closed Social Networks as a Gilded Cage

    There’s been a lot of talk about the limitations of closed social networks. Jason Kottke kicked it off when he described Facebook as a more updated version of the AOL walled garden and others such as Jeremiah Owyang and Robert Scoble calling it a black hole because all your data goes in but there’s no […]

  • Fake Steve Jobs is Unmasked

    Turns out Forbes columnist, Daniel Lyons, was the one behind Fake Steve Jobs’ blog. Brilliant timing too (heh), his satirical novel written in the voice of Mr. Jobs is due to hit the shelves in October. He was outed by a reporter at the New York Times who received an advance copy of the book […]

  • The Journey Begins – Consolidating multiple blogs to WordPress

    Over the years I have maintained blogs on a number of different platforms. I started in 2003 with Blogger moving later to TypePad and finally to Movable Type hosted on Yahoo Small Business. In order to simplify my life, I set out to bring them all together into a single domain. What follows are my […]

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