Month: August 2007

  • Cool Little Trick for Multiplication

    What’s 23 x 33? Here’s a visual way to solve the problem. Draw 2 lines and then 3 lines to represent 23 and cross them with 3 lines followed by another 3 lines for 33 as in the drawing above. Add up the number of intersections in each corner of the square as if they […]

  • Go! Go! Speed Racer

    Cool! The Wachowski Brothers (directors behind the Matrix) are making a movie based on Speed Racer. There is some whiz-bang technology in the cameras they use and how they are filming that is going to push the boundaries of what it means to use live actors to bring animation to the big screen. via The […]

  • Bloglines beta – so nice to see ya.

    The Time & Newsweek of the Web 2.0 blogosphere both mention the re-launch of Bloglines. It’s great to see another reader on the market just for variety’s sake. I moved to Google Reader a while ago as my main reader mostly because of it’s mobile interface which looks great on the Blackberry. I had left […]

  • Realtime Map Tracking

    Maybe it’s the air traffic controller in me but there’s something oddly compelling about watching little dots move across the screen when you know they represent objects in the physical world. TechCrunch posts about Bill from BitGravity is streaming his driving trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles over a live video stream showing the […]

  • BarCampBlock and the Great Beyond

    I had a great time at BarCampBlock this past weekend. Regretfully, I could only attend on Saturday but got to soak in the scene and definitely will chip in and help out in future BarCamp events when I can. The excitement surrounding the sessions reminded me of the early BloggerCon events that got me into […]

  • SXSW Panel Picker – Pick Me!

    South-by-Southwest Interactive was probably the best conference I’ve been to this year in terms of bang for buck. Each of the panels was engaging and I was always learning something new. Part of this is because the panels are chosen by those planning on attending. Out of the 680+ topics proposed, only 80 will be […]

  • Crowdsourced Book Cover Art

    Remember Penguin’s crowdsourced novel? Looks like it’s done and getting prepped to go to print. They’re at it again. This time in conjunction with Piczo on the cover art.

  • Grim Visualizations : Crime Mashups 2.0

    We all remember the Chicago Crime Map which took Chicago police reports and overlayed it on top of Google Maps. For many, this was their first exposure into the world of mashups and to a large extent opened everyone’s eyes to the benefits of opening up your data. That was 2005. Now the UED crowd […]

  • Portable Social Networks

    Very happy to hear that Brad Fitzpatrick and David Recordon will be at BarCampBlock this weekend to talk about their ideas around portable social networks. I’ve done a fair bit of thinking about this problem as well but could do with a dose of feedback to solidify my thinking. I have a good feeling there […]

  • The Web as a loose federation of contractors

    Matt McAllister has a great post about the dangers of taking taking the label of Web OS too literally. He writes that an operating system is about “command and control” while the loose collection of services that make up the internet is more like the network of vendors that a contractor might call in to […]

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