Portable Social Networks

Very happy to hear that Brad Fitzpatrick and David Recordon will be at BarCampBlock this weekend to talk about their ideas around portable social networks. I’ve done a fair bit of thinking about this problem as well but could do with a dose of feedback to solidify my thinking. I have a good feeling there are going to be some exciting breakthroughs this weekend






2 responses to “Portable Social Networks”

  1. BeachBum Avatar

    I use MyBlogLog daily and know what social networks are. I am guessing by portable you are referring to sites like twitter.

    I think going mobile with social networks will benefit local business more then internet surfers. Small groups of friends may try it out, but in the end I think mixing portable and land based social networks will fail.


  2. ian Avatar

    I’m thinking portable more in the sense that you can take them with you and apply them in new contexts.

    The use case for MyBlogLog would be allowing you to tap into your MyBlogLog over on a site like Plazes which shows physical location of its users. There should be a way to view the Plazes userbase and show only your MyBlogLog friends (or whatever social network you choose).

    In this way your social network is “portable.”

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