South-by-Southwest Interactive was probably the best conference I’ve been to this year in terms of bang for buck. Each of the panels was engaging and I was always learning something new. Part of this is because the panels are chosen by those planning on attending.

Out of the 680+ topics proposed, only 80 will be chosen. I’ve submitted an entry for a topic that we like to call around here your “digital wake” – I hope to bring together a panel of experts from the SEO, Academic, and Digital Forensics professions to speak about the trails we leave behind as we navigate through digital space. The full description is below.

If you are what you eat in the offline world, what makes up “you” online? We each leave a “digital wake” behind us, what does that tell the world about us. What are the benefits and pitfalls of promiscuous online behavior? What lessons can we learn about building online communities?

Three Takeaways:
1. Learn the dos and don’t around gathering and reflecting back what you know about your community
2. What are the cultural and age differences between how we share our activities online.
3. What are the implications for history, if our profile stops updating, are we really gone?

This will be a panel discussion. I would like to get three groups represented:
1. Vendor – someone who runs an online site that gathers user activity
2. Criminal Forensics – it’d be cool to hear from someone in law enforcement about what they can learn from your social profile online
3. Academic – want to get someone who can talk either from experience or study about how social networks are different across age and geographic boundaries

If you’re interested in this kind of thing and would like to attend such a session, please register a vote for me here.