Warner Brothers gives us a peek at upcoming Speed Racer movie

Larry and Andy Wachowski made their name with The Matrix trilogy of movies. In their first release since that series of movies, Speed Racer (due out in May 2008) is an on screen adoption of the popular Japanese cartoon from the Sixties. Today Warner Brothers released a few stills from the movie and it’s looking pretty amazing.

Speed Racer’s car

USA Today has the full story with more stills.

UPDATE: AOL has the trailer in High-Def!





3 responses to “Warner Brothers gives us a peek at upcoming Speed Racer movie”

  1. Scott Avatar

    It’s cool, but I felt like I was watching someone play Mario Kart Double Dash.

  2. David Avatar

    I recall Speed Racer, I just want to drive the car.

  3. Texas_JAM Avatar

    The animation looks cool. I just hope it makes the fans of the show happy.

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