Month: February 2008

  • Launching Products, MyBlogLog style

    (from left, Manny Miller, John Sampson, Todd Sampson, and Saurabh Sahni) Yesterday was one of the more exciting days of my time here at Yahoo, and I wasn’t even in the office.  MyBlogLog shipped a significant new feature which required the whole team to knuckle down and work as one. We hate to ship new […]

  • Positive Interference

    Yesterday I commented on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog on a fundamental difference I see between Plaxo Pulse, FriendFeed and MyBlogLog and I wanted to expand a bit further here in the name of thinking out loud and getting a sense of what others think. As I announced on the MyBlogLog blog a couple of weeks ago, […]

  • Ottoman Empire and California State Taxes

    The screenshot above is taken from my 2007 version of Quicken Turbo Tax. What does the Ottoman Empire have to do with California state taxes and Michael Jackson’s lawyer, Mark Geragos? Read on.

  • Hard at Work and Shipping Again!

     A quick note to let folks know that the MyBlogLog team made it through the staff reductions at Yahoo intact. Heads down is a common expression around here and it’s apt because we’ve been hammer and tongs on getting things built that we’ve been thinking about for a long time. It’s great to be shipping […]

  • Tuesday is MyBlogLog night

    There’s not enough MyBlogLog to go around! I’m speaking up in San Francisco at a NetSquared event about building non-profit communities on the cheap using on-line tools such as MyBlogLog. I’ll be joined by colleagues from Upcoming and Yahoo! Groups. At the same time, there’s another edition of the silicon valley Search SIG. This time […]

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