Month: May 2008

  • FriendFeed Needs Trackback

    The success of distributed commenting systems such as Disqus, Intense Debate, and most famously, FriendFeed have generated a heated debate over if we should let discussions break out all over the place in small pockets or try to gather them all together in context with the source material so that everyone can benefit from a […]

  • US Mortgage & Credit Crisis, How did we get here?

    I could never figure out how banks and securities dealers talked themselves into loaning money to people that common sense would tell you never could repay their obligation. Listening to this episode of This American Life – Giant Pool of Money revealed that it was incremental greed that drove each link in the chain to […]

  • Social Media Behavioral Vectors

    I’ve run into a few articles by Sarah from on and have seen her referenced a few times so I went to check out her site and grabbed this graphic from a post about Create Debate. Don’t have time to check out the service she’s talking about but I love the infographic which […]

  • Feedburner Stats Way Down

    I noticed a big drop in the number of Feedburner subscribers to my blog over the past few days with the number of subscribers dropping nearly 50% starting sometime Thursday last week (May 8th). I noticed one other person reporting a drop and they pointed to Google Reader numbers being the culprit and, sure enough, […]

  • US Postage up a penny on Monday

    As of tomorrow, First Class postage is going up from $0.41 to $0.42. I bought a book of Forever stamps a couple weeks ago and as of tomorrow they are worth a penny more. That’s a 2.4% gain in just a few weeks. Not the most practical investment vehicle, you have to stand outside the […]

  • Small Town Messages

    You know you live in a small town when the local PTA message board posts the following: We lost one of our black silkie chickens near Santa Clara and Court. If you see a small black chicken roaming around please call us. We miss her.  She is a pet, not dinner.

  • Where’s the Kaboom?

    There are so many things I could say right now about Microsoft walking away from the table this past weekend. More than anything, I feel like someone peering up over the parapet and looking at the smoke clearing from the battlefield. Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?

  • Raw vs. Polished

    Eric Berlin writes about the differences between Friendfeed and TechMeme. Therefore, perhaps we can say that Techmeme aggregates what’s important about tech and Internet news and easily provides links to surrounding conversations. It’s really a new kind of online newspaper, and a pretty terrific one. And Friendfeed is an aggregator of lots of stuff, of […]

  • Cognitive Surplus will free up time to

    One of the best talks at this year’s Web 2.0 Expo was Clay Shirky on Cognitive Surplus. In it he suggests that modern television is a, “cognitive heat sink, dissipating thinking that might otherwise have built up and caused society to overheat.” He concludes after describing how a child spent a few minutes looking for the mouse connected […]