As of tomorrow, First Class postage is going up from $0.41 to $0.42. I bought a book of Forever stamps a couple weeks ago and as of tomorrow they are worth a penny more. That’s a 2.4% gain in just a few weeks. Not the most practical investment vehicle, you have to stand outside the Post Office to liquidate your holdings, but the closest thing to a sure thing anyone will see these days.

I wonder how many people took the Postal Service up on their futures contract and how much interest revenue they’ll gain from front loading their earnings? They say that email and automated bill pay have cut deeply into the Postal Services’ earnings. The credit market crunch means I don’t get my daily assortment of Capital One credit card offers (don’t miss ’em!). I also read somewhere that after Capital One, Netflix is the Post Office’s next biggest customer (my local post office has a dedicated slot for Netflix drop-offs). What happens when broadband delivery of movies takes over and Netflix drops out as well?

What businesses is the Post Office thinking of getting into in order to stay relevant?