Month: April 2009

  • Barack Obama’s Facebook Page

    This is really well done. In honor of Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office, Slate has mocked up a parody of his Facebook page. Remember, What will Facebook look like in 40 years?

  • Profile Photo Snark

    We can be so cruel sometimes but that doesn’t make this any less funny. Reflections of Reflections is a series of critiques of MySpace/Facebook profile pictures. More in this genre in 20 Male Poses of Facebook.

  • Best Code Comment Ever

    Comments left by developers in the dead of the night are inside jokes left for others. Little winks of comic relief left for others that will be parsing through the sub-routines trying to wrangle software to get things working. Usually code comments are short but this one left by a frustrated programmer of a Photoshop […]

  • Stanley Cup’s Colorful History

    Stanley Cup’s Colorful History

    UPDATE: After their epic win last night, here’s how the Cup spent last night in Vegas with the Washington Capitals. After last night’s loss to Anaheim, the San Jose Sharks are out of the running.  Might as well post some highlights from the checkered past of the world’s most famous trophy. In 1905, the Ottawa […]

  • Mobile Social Networking “up for grabs” in the United States

    Jason Calcanis has a great post on 10 things the new MySpace CEO should do. All of them are good (buy a search engine, add casual games, virtual currency) but I particularly liked his comment about the wide open space for a successful mobile social network here in the US. Japan is leading the way, […]

  • Traffic Sources and Attention

    There’s been good debate around how the source of traffic to sites is changing, shifting from the search engines to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I confirmed that I too am seeing a greater percentage of traffic come in via links shared on social sites and shared a colleague’s theory about what this […]

  • No Smiling!

    The Finnish Immigration pages has a series of guidelines for their passport and visa photos. I found this one regarding Expressions amusing.

  • Web 2.0 Expo 2009

    I knew this time would come. The talks about this thing called social media were great because they used to be in small groups, people passing around knowledge as if around a campfire. Now, in an attempt to codify this knowledge, package it for wider distribution, it’s become wooden – formulaic. I like the fact […]

  • John Maeda at Web 2.0 Expo

    One of my favorite presentations from this past week’s Web 2.0 Expo is now online. John Maeda, a designer & interactive artist, is now at the Rhode Island School of Design after spending time at the MIT Media Lab.