Find my Phone, Nokia Style

I just got an email from the folks behind the Mobile Web Server which runs on Nokia S60 phones. They figured out how to run a web server on your phone so you can configure your mobile device to basically be a node on the internet, addressable via an IP address, hosting web pages, streaming GPS and sending camera information. I haven’t played with it in a while but one cool feature they had was a widget that you could put on your Facebook page which featured a button which allowed anyone viewing your Facebook page access to your camera on your phone.

Today, perhaps in response to the broad coverage about the Find my iPhone story I blogged about, they reminded me about the Remote Start feature where you can start the web server via an SMS message which you can send to your phone.

We would like to remind you about the remote start feature. In the unfortunate situation that your phone got lost somehow, it would be possible for you to start the server if you are not having it always on. . . When the server is online you can see who has been calling, read the messages or if you are uncertain where it is, use the positioning or web camera to locate it.

For more details, see the Mobile Web Server user guide (pdf) or wiki site.






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    how to find my phone nokia c6-01

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