The Largest Ocean Liner in the World

While we’re making lists, Finland topped another one earlier this week with the launch of the Oasis of the Seas which was built in the STX shipyard in Turku, Finland. 1,180 feet long and grossing 220,000 tons this ship is longer than an aircraft carrier and carries more than 8,000 people (including crew of over 2,000) on board. Some more tidbits picked up from The Atlantic’s piece on the Oasis which features an excellent graphic:

  • 21 swimming pools
  • a football-sized interior park featuring trees up to 20-feet tall
  • two theaters and a 1,380 seat playhouse
  • a 100 megawatt power plant that burns through 12 tons of diesel fuel an hour produces enough to power 105,000 homes

The Atlantic goes on to note that the total cost to build the Oasis was $1.4 billion, placed in 2006 when it’s owner, Royal Caribbean must have been enjoying better times because they ordered not one of these but two (the sister ship, also being built in Turku, will be delivered next year).

The Oasis is headed for Florida having just squeezed under the Danish Belt bridge with just a couple of feet to spare. She’ll set sail on her maiden voyage on December 5th.






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  1. Hugo Avatar

    “It carries more than 8,000 people, has an on-board park and themed bars from all over the globe. But one experience you don't get on board Oasis of the Seas is that of being at sea.”

  2. Dominic Williams Avatar
    Dominic Williams

    Titanic is the biggest and heavierst ship ever

  3. iankennedy Avatar


    46,328 tonnes
    Length, 882 feet 9 in

    Oasis of the Seas
    225,282 tonnes
    Length, 1,187 feet

  4. iankennedy Avatar


    46,328 tonnes
    Length, 882 feet 9 in

    Oasis of the Seas
    225,282 tonnes
    Length, 1,187 feet

  5. Brenda Dale Avatar
    Brenda Dale

    I've never ever been on a cruise ship, of ANY size, but this ship holds more people than we have in our whole little town! I can't imagine a cruise on this ship to be a pleasurable experience. It would be like living in a big city. Too many people, in a very confined area. And you can't escape to the country to get away from them, you'd have to go for the 'big swim'! The ship is just TOO big. I'm not a world traveller, but if I wanted to get away and meet people from all avenues of the world, I would prefer a much smaller venue, a more intimate atmosphere that invites getting to know your fellow travellers.

    Those are my thoughts on the “Oasis”

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  7. Marsada Avatar

    Much to big,you don’t get the feeling of a ship at sea,If I wanted to go on a ship like that I would join the navy and get on a aircraft carrier.

  8. Blubber Avatar

    This is a cruise ship, NOT an ocean liner. 

    1. iankennedy Avatar

      Ah, I was not aware of the distinction. What is the difference between the two? 

  9. Anthony Eli Gaiani Jr Avatar

    Ocean Liner is built for the North Atlantic and makes regular crossings per year. There is only one ship in this generation that does this. Queen Mary 2.

  10. Alandash_88 Avatar

    A Cruise ship isn’t build for the Atlantic Ocean, it wouldn’t survive a crossing in winter on the middle of the Atlantic, however an Ocean Liner can, because their bow and thickness of hull are build to withstand the waves; A cruise ship isn’t.

  11. Dordle Avatar

    Big bitch….Ain’t no Thoroughbred…..Fun but !

  12. SS Bremen Avatar
    SS Bremen

    This is a huge condo turned on its side lol..It makes the Titanic look like a tub boat.

  13. Richard Avatar

    This ship is much bigger and more luxurious than Titanic ever was, but Titanic started the luxury and (Hand crafted wood details compared to machine and computer crafted details) pool era. These ships have Titanic to thank for all they contain today, minus the computer age. In 1912, Titanic was it! But ships always have gotten bigger and bigger, so comparing Titanic today, is irrelevant. And no matter the size or appointments, Titanic will always be the most famous thanks to the iceberg.

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