Month: January 2010

  • Housekeeping

    For those of you who read this blog through a reader, I took care of few things on the blog this weekend to clean things up a bit. My recommended software for the E71 has proven very popular but that is only one of the three phones that I use on a regular basis and […]

  • Avatar, Performance Capture

    I had a chance to see Avatar this evening and was blown away at what James Cameron has done to evolve the art of motion capture. Anyone who has seen the film would agree that the bar has been moved higher in capturing not only the physical motions but also the full range of emotional […]

  • Dating Site Profile Pics

    The dating site published a fascinating study of their member profile pictures to validate and debunk what makes for an attractive profile picture, one that generates conversation and interest which is important if you’re on a dating site. Some of the findings: Smile for the camera if you’re a girl. Guys do better if […]

  • Fun with SoundCloud

    I’ve been playing around with a service based here in Berlin called SoundCloud. It’s geared towards DJs who want to distribute their mixes making it drop-dead easy to upload typically large files and embed them across the web in widgets. The closest thing I would compare it to is the flickr badge for photos or […]

  • Haiti Decends into Terror and Chaos

    The terror and chaos that is Haiti following the devastating earthquake is hard to imagine. 50,000 dead, millions are homeless.  It’s now 10 days later and the threat of disease is descending upon the survivors who are literally fighting for their lives. The shocking photo above comes from a series of dramatic photos posted by Anderson Cooper who is […]

  • Misa, a touchpad guitar

    The Misa is “not a guitar” says Michael, it’s creator, based out of Sydney, Australia. The Misa is designed to play electronic music. In electronic music, the timbre (or colour) of the sound can be morphed in an infinite number of ways. For a guitar to accommodate this, the right hand needs more control than […]

  • How to Export Your Data from MyBlogLog

    It was a sad day when I read the ReadWriteWeb post about the rumored shutdown of MyBlogLog. Yahoo has since come out with a vague response that pulling the plug is only one of several “options” but I thought it good to post a few things you can do now just in case they do […]

  • The Confederate

    I think I found a motorcycle that rivals the Honda Valkyries. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum in a design that maximizes torque, the Confederate P120 Fighter kicks out 160 horsepower that the maker describes as, “explosive.”  This machine may not be the most comfortable ride but only 50 will be made so grab yours now […]

  • Navel Gazing, 2009

    For giggles, let’s repeat what I did almost exactly a year ago and take a look back at my online activity from a year ago and make a snapshot for future reference. top post of the year – Is this the new Obama phone? was the top post of the year, mostly because of traffic […]

  • Physical and Virtual Spaces

    I just returned from a year-end holiday in Tokyo. As always, the city never ceases to amaze me. The people in the photo above are all standing outside Yodobashi Camera, an electronics store in Akihabara. The store offers free wifi for anyone with a Nintendo DS and on that network they can get access to […]