Month: May 2010

  • Onkalo, long term planning

    Onkalo, long term planning

    How would you like to be the Project Manager on a construction project that is due to run through 2100? That’s what they’re doing 300 kms Northwest of Helsinki at Onkalo, a long term storage facility for highly radioactive nuclear waste. It’s a timely topic of discussion. While the uncontrollable spewage from the bottom of […]

  • N900 PR 1.2 – Like Christmas Day

    I’ve been playing around with the most recent upgrade to the Nokia N900 and it really is like Christmas. There are so many little tweaks to the core OS that it really is like having a new phone again. Geek Christmas. After reading about Jason’s experience, Skype video calling  was the first thing I tried. Skype […]

  • Sponsored Conversations

    What do you get when you combine speech recognition, contextual advertising, text-to-speech software, and a disruptive business model? A phone that’s free as long as you are willing to listen to advertising. Don’t laugh, the idea has been kicked around before. But why stop there? You could link the price of the monthly contract to selected […]

  • Unfortunate Truth

    With reports of large plumes of underwater oil making their way to the Louisiana coast, it now appears that the Gulf Oil spill will be much worse than imagined. The image above is from the wonderful site, Fake Science. For more on someone who’s doing something about the cleanup, listen to my friend Alex Wise interviewing Lisa […]

  • Finland Suggest

    In homage to Laura Lippay’s Google Suggest experiment, I decided to do a few of my own. No, I didn’t know what the Finnish Men’s Shouting Choir was either.  They some audio clips on their homepage if you want to have a listen. Any Search Suggestions of your own?