More LinkedIn Visualizations

A couple more visualizations that use the LinkedIn API that I missed on the previous post.

LinkedIn Maps

LinkedIn Maps announced yesterday creates a poster-ready view of your LinkedIn network complete with color-coding showing how everyone is related. This type of visualization can reveal interesting things about your career. In my case, it looks like my colleagues from Dow Jones are really off on their own while my Six Apart, Yahoo, and web 2.0 friends are much closer together with my more recent connections from Nokia are scattered in between.

LinkedIn Infinity uses the cooliris technology to let you look at nothin’ but faces.  Nothing really innovative about this but a crowd-pleasure nonetheless.

Finally, LinkedIn Signal, while not a visualization,  is extremely useful way to parse your social network feeds using your LinkedIn networks as a filter. This is really powerful because it lets you filter away the noise and see updates filtered by Industry, Location, School, or Company. If you add multiple filters together, you quickly get very focused results. Want to see what people in your network (and their friends) that work at Microsoft in Japan are saying about Facebook? Tick a few boxes and you have it.

All this and more are featured on the LinkedIn Labs page.





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