Month: May 2012

  • Cancer Sucks

    Cancer Sucks

    I’m in Japan this week to visit my father. He has colon cancer and just checked in for surgery. This is not a total shock. He is getting old after all and I’ve come to accept a time when something like this would happen. He’s taking it well. He has openly embraced his body slowly […]

  • Compromising with Lawyers

    Compromising with Lawyers

    True Story. A large consumer internet company where I worked sent in a team of lawyers to check over the fledgling social network I was building. The registration flow concerned them. There needed to be a check where the person registering was required to submit their date of birth so that we could ensure they […]

  • Serendipity in the Strangest of Places

    Serendipity in the Strangest of Places

    It’s gone now but someone that I follow on twitter pointed out that it’s been six years since Adrian Holovaty posted, A fundamental way newspaper sites need to change In this post, Holovaty, the man behind the micro-news site, and, as far as I’m concerned, the original data-journalist, speaks to the new landscape in which newspapers sit […]

  • LinkedIn acquires SlideShare

    Makes sense. The two serve the same audience and already overlap their users quite a bit. Presentations are increasingly an important part of your Resume which, these days with services like is becoming more like a portfolio. As SlideShare CEO Rashmi Sinha says, Today’s news is a natural culmination of this partnership. Congratulations.

  • Giant Steps Visualized by Michal Levy

    You know that sudden panic when something you used to count on is no longer there at the end of a trusty purple link? Like forgotten memories, as the web gets older, the synapses that link to dusty old internet memes crumble and fade. Link rot sucks I recently went looking for an old .swf […]

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