Giant Steps Visualized by Michal Levy

You know that sudden panic when something you used to count on is no longer there at the end of a trusty purple link? Like forgotten memories, as the web gets older, the synapses that link to dusty old internet memes crumble and fade. Link rot sucks

I recently went looking for an old .swf file that I used to show my son when he was a baby. The animation below is over 10 years old so that dates him but back in the day, this 4mb file enjoyed millions of views. I almost didn’t find the file so I took the time to download it so that I could archive it on my public Dropbox account for others to enjoy.

If you want to read more about this visualization and how it was made, there is a short write up on Michal’s site who built this for her BFA degree, “I worked on this film from morning to night, doing only this, for 4 months,” says Levy. Yes, times have changed since 2001.

For a more recent work, see her latest work, One from 2010 as well as a recent video interview with her at the DLD conference in Tel Aviv.

UPDATE: Five years later and now Adobe Flash files are no longer supported in browsers. I converted the .swf file into a .flv file and uploaded it to YouTube. Progress!





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