The Makers of Things: The Society is a film by Anne Holiday about one of the oldest model building clubs in the United Kingdom. From their website.

Established in 1898 the Society has a long and distinguished history. We have a headquarters building in South London but our members are spread throughout the country and indeed throughout the world.

General meetings are held at Marshall House, usually on the first Saturday of the month. These cover a wide variety of topics of general interest to model engineers and those of like mind.

The Society has survived two world wars and has seen the introduction of technology that was barely a dream in 1898: the motor car: aeroplane: wireless & television and computer. At the same time the tools and equipment we have available have improved beyond recognition.

And from Anne Holiday’s post on a site page promoting The Makers of Things, a short film in which she interviews members of the society.

SMEE isn’t like any other engineering society. It’s a community united by a passion for making things and testing ideas. Their unparalleled devotion to their craft is evidence of a universal truth that’s relevant to us all; we learn only by doing.

I think of these guys as the original makers, the original geeks. It all started here.