Month: October 2013

  • Why Ise is rebuilt every 20 years

    Why Ise is rebuilt every 20 years

    The Shinto shrines of Ise in central Japan are famous because they have been re-built every 20 years for hundreds of years (2013 is a re-building year). In an example of long term thinking, there is a special grove of cedar trees that are grown specifically so that they may be harvested in time for […]

  • MorpHex, a spherical transformer

    How do you design a robot that can maneuver over varied terrain? OK. That’s pretty clever. Here’s another approach from scientists at MIT (via @dav)

  • Breaking Baddest

    Breaking Bad is over. I watched the final episode a couple of nights ago. I only first got into the series because I saw from our Netflix queue that my son was watching it and figured I should watch a few episodes to see what was it was about. He got bored and moved on […]

  • Go Mie Go!

    I am so proud of my sister who just worked her heart out to help her company put together two videos to describe how Evernote works with it’s partners. Evernote started as a simple list and notes service to help you organize your digital notes. Starting with image recognition on digital photos it began to […]