I am so proud of my sister who just worked her heart out to help her company put together two videos to describe how Evernote works with it’s partners.

Evernote started as a simple list and notes service to help you organize your digital notes. Starting with image recognition on digital photos it began to extend to the physical world and now, as you’ll see in the two videos below, it’s expanding it’s app ecosystem to include physical items such as Evernote-enabled Moleskins and scanners.

The cool behind the scenes story is that Evernote wanted the videos to be authentic and asked my sister to add some of her own items into the videos. Sprinkled across both videos are bits and pieces from her past. Family photos,  my dad’s old business card for Tokyo Q, and some artwork from her daughter.

I blog to remember. This site serves as my personal parking place for things I want to share and save. I want to remember these two videos.