Month: January 2014

  • To Give and Not Receive

    To Give and Not Receive

    This afternoon New York Times readers were assaulted by a full page takeover that unfolded across the front page effectively roadblocking the news of the day with a “special report” layout that was both interruptive and offensive. If this is where they are going with their native advertising, I do not like. All publishers need…

  • How to write a good set of Community Guidelines

    How to write a good set of Community Guidelines

    Writing the Community Guidelines for an online social network is an art. Next to on-boarding and FAQs, the community guidelines are an important document that helps set the tone for the site and the people that use it. You need to be clear and firm but also treat those that use your site as humans…

  • On Ephemera

    Om Malik recently wrote about receipts as a design experience. He was writing about Square, the payments company, that is re-thinking the way people exchange currency. Square’s focus on design, particularly the receipt, is inspirational. They view commerce as a design challenge, not only the method by which a transaction happens but also the artifacts…

  • Apple and Storytelling

    Apple’s latest installment of their storytelling marketing campaign is on their home page today. Your Verse (link broken – see embed below) features Robin Williams who narrates Walt Whitman and invites you to stop watching and start making. Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love – these are what we stay alive for. That the company that has…

  • this yor folt

    this yor folt

    How do you bring a 100,000 person global company to a grinding halt? Reply All.