Apple and Storytelling

Apple’s latest installment of their storytelling marketing campaign is on their home page today. Your Verse (link broken – see embed below) features Robin Williams who narrates Walt Whitman and invites you to stop watching and start making.

Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love – these are what we stay alive for.

That the company that has produced one of the best media consumption devices ever made is now inviting its customers to begin to produce content, no, art, on these devices points the way to how Apple will expand the market for all the new converts to the Apple platform.

From the original Macintosh to the latest Mac Pro (“Built for creativity on an epic scale”) the premium customers of Apple’s products have been the creative class. By inspiring all those new customers with iPhones and iPads to delve into creating new media, Apple will nudge these customers toward the upgrade path to new devices and software that bring them deeper into the Apple ecosystem.

It’s cinematic in an age where advertising has stepped a bit too far on the wrong side of literal and clever. It’s not about specs and stats. It’s not about the devices at all. It’s about how you can use the devices. How these devices are both approachable and aspirational. And oddly, just as with the best cinema, the feeling you’re left with is one of nostalgia.

MG Siegler
Apple Verse

Life on an iPad showed how others use the iPad to do things, how the iPad was integrated into our life to get things done. Your Verse is an invitation to create. Once again, Apple is changing the game.

That powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?

Update from 2018: Apple now forwards /your-verse to /ipad. Thanks to YouTube, the great VCR for the internet, I found the video.





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