Month: March 2014

  • Facebook and Virtual Reality

    Facebook and Virtual Reality

    Facebook purchased VR headset maker Oculus VR this afternoon for $400 million in cash and $1.6 billion in Facebook stock. One can only speculate what Facebook will do with a virtual reality gaming accessory company that is still under development but some are saying it’s because they moved too slowly to acquire other social communication […]

  • Generic Brand Video

    If you’re a stock video company, what’s the best way to get your footage in front of future customers? Create a viral video that will be passed around by marketers and advertisers that license stock videos for their advertising. This Is a Generic Brand Video from Dissolve on Vimeo. Dissolve has done just that with […]

  • Minimally Minimal

    Minimally Minimal

    While living in Finland, I became very interested in physical design. During these years I read Minimally Minimal on a regular basis. Back then Andrew Kim was a student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. The way he wrote about product design was contagious. His observations celebrated good design’s attention to detail. […]

  • Ferrari Land? is following a story about Ferrari’s plans to work with a developer to construct a theme park in Barcelona in 2016. The park will feature the fastest and highest vertical accelerator in Europe, a five star, Ferrari-themed hotel and (no duh) a driving simulator. Maybe they’ll have a bunch of Ford Fiestas on the […]

  • Google Drive announces 1 TB storage for $10/month

    Kevin Kelly calls archival digital storage “movage” because when you keep something in an archive, you need to move it around regularly to keep it current, fresh, and on the latest media. Why manage your hard drive storage under a desk when you can send it over to the professionals for $10/month? For the same […]

  • iOS 7.1 – Shift Key Guide

    Helpful guide from the folks at Also, I just wanted to test out my new Twitter Card.

  • Space debris becomes an asteroid

    In 2002, an amateur astronomer discovered a new asteroid orbiting the earth. Further investigation revealed that is was a long, lost third stage of an Saturn V rocket that has been floating out in deep space since 1969.

  • The probabilistic guarantees of a web browser

    The probabilistic guarantees of a web browser

    We’ve all been there. Something goes all sideways in our browser and we’re stuck with a spinning throbber as the fan kicks into overdrive. Tempted to see what might be going on, we roll up our sleeves and pop the virtual hood and our world goes from rainbows and unicorns into a stinky mess of […]

  • Getty Images Opens Up

    Getty Images added embed icons to 35 million photos in their collection. Not all images are available for embed (look for the icon). Images are for non-commercial use only and you need to use their embed code which adds the frames you see below. Unable to close the barn door, Getty material was finding its […]

  • So it begins – iOS CarPlay

    So it begins – iOS CarPlay

    Announced at last year’s WWDC, Apple revealed today that CarPlay, the integrated iOS platform for in-dash entertainment and navigation will be shipping in 2014 models by Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. Notable in its absence was Tesla. The ecosystem will limit apps to approved partners so it’s Siri for voice and Apple Maps for […]