Month: August 2014

  • Where do you get your music?

    Digital Music News put together a visual showing the mix of revenue streams for music over the past 30 years. CDs, which represented only 0.5% in 1983 grew to the dominant medium in 2003 when it was 95.5% of revenue. In 2004 downloads appear on the scene (or begin to be counted) at 1.5% and are, […]

  • Classic Robert Krulwich

    Great episode of Radiolab earlier this month that rewinds to the early days of NPR and Radiolab co-host Robert Krulwich who, when you listen to him, embodies the spirit of NPR. The best bit, about the alligators, starts at around 19:30. Great stuff.

  • Robot underlords

    In 15 minutes, CPG Grey’s Humans Need Not Apply paints a bleak picture for anyone who thinks that the coming robot revolution will free everyone up for more creative pursuits. Trouble is, poetry and painting don’t pay the rent. Transportation, driving things & people from point A to point B employs millions of people today. […]

  • Burned Man

    I had such a great time at Burning Man last year. It was my first time and my brother-in-law graciously gave up his ticket so that my sister to take me. Mie is a veteran and was the perfect guide in every way. She knew what to bring and where to go but also knew […]

  • Facebook is Madison Avenue’s new Yahoo

    Ever since it began selling ads 10 years ago, Facebook has been combating doubts about its value to marketers. Search engines like Google offer advertisers a direct link to people seeking out particular products, while television remains the dominant way to reach a mass audience. Now, Facebook claims, it can provide the best of both. […]

  • US Postal Service, Designed

    GrandArmy developed a total re-design of the USPS in-store experience. A robust three-bar layout system was applied to all materials, from menu-boards to hang tags to welcome signs to kiosks and so on. This system holds together a huge variety of collateral. Ancillary materials include emotive creed posters, window clings, a mobile app, and shipping […]

  • No, fuckhead, you are not a storyteller