Year: 2015

  • SmartNews Hidden Gems 2015

    We all remember the biggest stories of 2015, El Chapo’s escape, Ronda Rousey’s KO, and who can forget The Dress? In the spirit of discovery, we at SmartNews would like to highlight the stories that you might have missed. Following on the hidden gems theme, I took a look at each of the SmartNews categories and…

  • San Francisco Accelerated

    I had no idea San Francisco was such a bustling city. This film from the hyperlapse ninjas at PermaGrin Films is almost two years old. On their site you can see some of their more recent films such as a 4k stop-motion collaboration with Rind Raja

  • Cracking the Code of Local News

    Cracking the Code of Local News

    In his opening remarks, Rich Jaroslovsky, VP for Content and Chief Journalist at SmartNews, said that Local News is something that everyone has tried but, “nobody has fully cracked the code.” Backfence, Topix, Patch, and countless other valiant efforts have taken a run at it but failed to sustain. “Local News is still a huge…

  • Matter 5 Demo Day

    Attended the Matter 5 demo day today. Here’s a curated selection of tweets. [View the story “Matter 5 startup showcase” on Storify]

  • WordPress 4.4 Embed test

    Just upgraded to WordPress 4.4. Let’s see how the embed feature works. WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” Nifty!

  • Recommended from SmartNews

    SmartNews has built a sophisticated, duplicate content filter so that when the latest press release from a presidential candidate, disaster, crime, or culinary sensation hits the proverbial viral loop, the breaking news from multiple outlets does not overwhelm the app and crowd out other stories. SmartNews strives to promote only the best and unique stories to our readers.…

  • Superman v Batman, Marvel v DC

    I love that my daughter is really into comic book characters. She prefers Marvel over DC but, after she showed me this trailer, said she may change her mind. Wait for the final scene, it’s worth it. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25th.

  • Volvo Truck, meet Sophie

    Volvo Truck, meet Sophie

    Volvo Trucks is at it again with another promotional video for their trucks. This one features 4-year old Sophie who “drives” an 18-ton truck through an obstacle course using a remote control. This is the latest in a brilliant series which, back two years ago featured Van Damme doing an Epic Split.

  • Because. . .Baseball

    It’s not often that the Cubs make it to the post season so when they do, something’s gotta give. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student Ben Larson asks his professor if he could take a make up exam and the professor’s response is priceless. via twitter