Month: May 2016

  • Kanye being Kanye

    Kanye being Kanye

    Kanye West is a master at manipulating mass media to his advantage. Say what you will about his stunts such as renting out Madison Square Garden, his legendary twitter rants, or his jab at Taylor Swift at the VMAs, Kanye knows how to get attention. He was in top form today, using the daytime television…

  • Social Media and the Spratly Islands

    Social Media and the Spratly Islands

    The tension around the contested Spratly Islands in the South China Sea continues to ratchet upĀ and forces nations in the region to take sides. One of my favorite books about an earlier crisis, the Cuban Missile crisis, is Thirteen Days, which chronicled how JFK navigated his way to a peaceful resolution of the situation. My…

  • Samurai Smartphone

    Samurai Smartphone

    Shot in the old black & white style of a Kurosawa movie, this PSA from Japanese cell phone provider DoCoMo is done quite well. Hat tip to Shunan for sharing on the SmartNews Slack channel.