So many wonderful stories being shared about Ted Rheingold who passed away today after a brave battle with cancer. I met him a few times to help out with the Dogster blog when I was at Six Apart and continued to bump into him from time to time during the Web 2.0 days and we would swap tales about community building and how we transfer online the genuine sense of sharing and “goodness” (does anyone even say that anymore?) our tight little community felt.

Through the years our paths drifted apart but he was always there online with a quip or short one-liner just to let you know he was there, connecting to you and keeping the spirit going.

While the man in the dog suit at a board meeting is classic Ted, this is how I remember him, dressed up but comfortably stylish while teaching the rest of us all that is fun and possible with the latest technology.

We miss you @tedr but your spirit lives on in all of us.






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