I have not been paying attention to the inaugural season of the new expansion NHL team in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights. You can imagine my surprise when my sports fan son gave me a taste of how hockey has changed when he showed me how hockey has been transformed for the Las Vegas audience.

It’s totally over the top as only Vegas can do. Think Cirque du Soleil meets Medieval Times Dinner Show on ice.

The game did not disappoint either. 4-6 is one of the higher scoring games I’ve heard of. The first goal was just seconds into the first period and it didn’t let up with the lead rocking back and forth all through the game.

A box of popcorn flies up into the air in front of the press box from the stands. Battle towels are twirling, fans are chanting, the drummers in the plastic castle in the nosebleeds are drumming, and if you could take the blood pressure of T-Mobile, doctors would be alarmed…I wouldn’t be surprised if the streets of Vegas are on fire when we all leave this building.

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The NBA is going to have to step it up. NFL? No one’s going to care.