Year: 2019

  • The Year That Was – 2019 TWTW Round-up

    The Year That Was – 2019 TWTW Round-up

    Photo: The most popular image was this bit of graffiti at Hong Kong Polytechnic which I learned from commenters is a Winston Churchill quote. Seems appropriate to leave this here as Hong Kongers are still protesting since mid-March 2019. So here it is, the top links from this year’s The Week That Was – these […]

  • The week that was (12-21-19)

    The week that was (12-21-19)

    Photo credit: Electronic machine used to vote on articles of impeachment. Jeep, the company behind four-wheeler brands such as Wrangler and Gladiator announced that its entire lineup will go hybrid or full-on electric by 2022 A sharp-eyed researcher discovered that Department of Agriculture listed Marvel’s mythical East African country, Wakanda, as a trading partner on a […]

  • The week that was (12-15-19)

    The week that was (12-15-19)

    A bank employee allegedly stole $88,000 from his bank and was found out after posing with stacks of cash, on his social media account. An all-electric powered seaplane took off from Vancouver, Canada, in what the operators describe as a “world first” for the aviation industry. The man who placed the winning $243,200 bid for […]

  • The week that was (12-07-19)

    The week that was (12-07-19)

    Scientists at the University of Bath have developed an artificial neuron chip that behaves just like biological neurons. A team of researchers in Poland worked on eye-tracking technology to give them hints at the ideally shape of a woman’s boob. Finland just elected the youngest Prime Minister in the world. Sanna Marin is 34 and leads […]

  • The week that was (turkey edition)

    The week that was (turkey edition)

    Someone hosted an entire Thanksgiving banquet (and all were invited) on a NYC subway L train. The White House went into full lockdown on Tuesday when something violated the immediate airspace. No, it was not Governor Ernie Fletcher, just a flock of birds. Someone starting posting advertisements for trips to Eroda. The only problem was […]

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    In Las Vegas you can be put away for 6 months or fined $1,000 for carrying around a fake or toy gun. But, because of Nevada’s open carry laws, it’s totally OK to walk around with a real firearm. Frogmen can now emerge from the water, guns a-blazing now that US Special Ops has developed […]

  • Impeachment Bon Mots

    In which Ambassador Sondland throws Trump under the bus.

  • Impeachment Bon Mots

    Impeachment Bon Mots

    Because this is America. This is the country I’ve served and defended, that all of my brothers have served, and here, right matters. Lt. Col. Vindman testimony, November 19, 2019

  • Real time harassment

    In this surreal moment, at the same moment when they were talking about Trump on twitter, Trump tweeted and may have earned himself another article of impeachment for threatening a witness. Did he walk into a trap? Surreal.

  • Impeachment Bon Mots

    David Holmes had a front row seat to a follow up phone call between Ambassador Sondland and the President. Here is a selection from his testimony, The four of us went to a nearby restaurant and sat on an outdoor terrace. I sat directly across from Ambassador Sondland and the two staffers sat off to […]