Month: December 2019

  • The Year That Was – 2019 TWTW Round-up

    The Year That Was – 2019 TWTW Round-up

    Photo: The most popular image was this bit of graffiti at Hong Kong Polytechnic which I learned from commenters is a Winston Churchill quote. Seems appropriate to leave this here as Hong Kongers are still protesting since mid-March 2019. So here it is, the top links from this year’s The Week That Was – these […]

  • The week that was (12-21-19)

    The week that was (12-21-19)

    Photo credit:¬†Electronic machine used to vote on articles of impeachment. Jeep, the company behind four-wheeler brands such as Wrangler and Gladiator announced that its entire lineup will go hybrid or full-on electric by 2022 A sharp-eyed researcher discovered that Department of Agriculture listed Marvel’s mythical East African country, Wakanda, as a trading partner on a […]

  • The week that was (12-15-19)

    The week that was (12-15-19)

    A bank employee allegedly stole $88,000 from his bank and was found out after posing with stacks of cash, on his social media account. An all-electric powered seaplane took off from Vancouver, Canada, in what the operators describe as a “world first” for the aviation industry. The man who placed the winning $243,200 bid for […]

  • The week that was (12-07-19)

    The week that was (12-07-19)

    Scientists at the University of Bath have developed an artificial neuron chip that behaves just like biological neurons. A team of researchers in Poland worked on eye-tracking technology to give them hints at the ideally shape of a woman’s boob. Finland just elected the youngest Prime Minister in the world. Sanna Marin is 34 and leads […]

  • The week that was (turkey edition)

    The week that was (turkey edition)

    Someone hosted an entire Thanksgiving banquet (and all were invited) on a NYC subway L train. The White House went into full lockdown on Tuesday when something violated the immediate airspace. No, it was not Governor Ernie Fletcher, just a flock of birds. Someone starting posting advertisements for trips to Eroda. The only problem was […]