Keeping it together on Election Day

While we wait for the votes to get counted and the final results to come in, let us all remember that we are all still Americans that need each other to make this country work. Your neighbor will still be your neighbor four years from now.

To keep us focused on what brings us together, here’s some stories about people with differences getting along.

“Once the election’s over, whether you win or lose,” she said, “you still have your neighbors.” – Trib Live

“In the end,” Williams said, “we need love for each other. We go to work with each other, to church with each other … it’s just not worth it.” – Abilene Reporter News

“We’re both mothers,” said Hancock. “This is to demonstrate to our kids that you can have different opinions, you can look different and still respect and love one another.” – KVUE, Austin, TX

Meet 2 Pittsburgh families who stay friends despite different political beliefs – Today

Harmony: Opposing Trump and Biden groups make music together – ABC News

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