Beware of claims that a generative AI can achieve a higher order of intelligence if you let it crawl the internet. Even with all our collective learning, humans still jump to conclusions and misinterpret each other. Is the drawing above from a child with a disturbed obsession with death or just an innocent rendering of a family snorkeling trip?

Maybe you remember this one from 2008 where a child’s drawing seemingly depicts mom as a pole dancer when in reality she was a Home Depot clerk trying to selling snow shovels before a blizzard.

Careful again as the drawing and caption have since been revealed to be a re-mixed internet meme.

Nothing is what it seems on the internet, there is inaccurate information everywhere, willfully created or not. Training an AI must be supervised on carefully curated data sets. Now more than ever we must heed the motto, Garbage in, Garbage out.