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  • OpenAI has an App Store

    OpenAI has an App Store

    OpenAI’s DevDay keynote had the look and feel of all Silicon Valley product announcements – a well-scripted parade of announcements, a couple live demos, and even a “one more thing” that is revealed with low-key fanfare but, by it’s placement at the end of the talk, signals to the world that this is the game-changer.…

  • NYC – Water Logged

    NYC – Water Logged

    “This changing weather pattern is the result of climate change, and the sad reality is our climate is changing faster than our infrastructure can respond.” Rohit Aggarwala, Department of Environmental Protection Water streaming out between the tiles in the subway. Not too sure about the structural integrity of that column. Brooklyn got over 6 inches…

  • The Joy of Happenstance

    The Joy of Happenstance

    John Battelle has a wonderful reminisce about what’s lost as information moves from analog to digital. He specifically writes about the college course catalog and what’s lost as these guides have moved online in Digital is Killing Serendipity. In the comments, I shared an experience I had with a printed catalog at the Edinburgh Festival…

  • Video: Simon Willison on AI

    Video: Simon Willison on AI

    Simon Willison has been hacking on technology for years and blogging about it in his excellent blog where he posts on how to recreate his innovations and follow along on his adventures. He was a speaker at this year’s WordPress WordCamp US 2023 conference and gave a talk that I would highly recommend to anyone…

  • Urban Downhill Racing

    Urban Downhill Racing

    Insane FPV of Urban Downhill Racer Tomas Slavik and how they did it.

  • Vampires in Waterloo

    Vampires in Waterloo

    There’s a scene in the BlackBerry movie (I rented it of Amazon) where Jim Balsillie, played by “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star Glenn Howerton, goes off on the NHL board over a decision he does not like. It’s a full-blown meltdown with a bizarre line thrown in there that sticks in the back of…

  • Phish and Guy Forget

    Phish and Guy Forget

    The more I learn about this crazy band the deeper I sink into the mythology. I caught the last two nights of Phish’s seven day “residency” at Madison Square Garden last week. The usual superlatives apply about how the band is playing better than ever. The guy who does the lights even had a profile piece…

  • MonsterTrack


    I fell down a rabbit hole the other night watching cyclists on fixed gear bikes ride like maniacs thru busy urban streets. It all started when I ran across this viral video promoting designer Aimé Leon Dore by putting their Knit Cycling Jersey on the back of a rider navigating the busy streets of Manhattan.…

  • Happy ‘merican Day

    Happy ‘merican Day

    Have a Happy (and safe) Forth of July! In case you’re wondering if everyone made it out ok, including the Honda Odyssey in the driveway, they’re fine, if a little chastened by their unexpected fame. Echos of the 2012 San Diego fiasco when an entire evening’s worth of fireworks went off all at once.