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  • That was fast

    That was fast

    AI-generated junk suffocating online platforms like algal blooms that choke the life out of ponds.  Hustle bros are jumping on the AI bandwagon Well that was fast. While still pondering the impact of generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT, we already have the hucksters rushing in to put it to market and make a quick buck. On […]

  • Wonder Goal

    Rising star Kaoru Mitoma scored an amazing goal in the final minutes of Brighton’s match against Liverpool to knock them out of the FA Cup. What was amazing about his goal is that Mitoma had the presence of mind in those final minutes to bobble the perfectly placed cross just enough to throw off the […]

  • Misinterpreted


    Beware of claims that a generative AI can achieve a higher order of intelligence if you let it crawl the internet. Even with all our collective learning, humans still jump to conclusions and misinterpret each other. Is the drawing above from a child with a disturbed obsession with death or just an innocent rendering of […]

  • On the Cusp

    On the Cusp

    One silver lining in getting laid off is that you have time to meet people and learn about things that you may have not had the time or attention to pick up on while in the trenches of a full time job. During the first week of my new no-fixed-schedule life I learned about: A […]

  • David Crosby

    David Crosby

    I turn to Crosby’s music when I am feeling melancholy. His sweet voice is like an old friend who had been there, understands, and tells you how events fit into the broader universe. His perspective came from a kind soul who was perhaps too trusting and suffered for it. “Honest to the point of recklessness” […]

  • Smarted

    I’m not going to go into detail on the why and how the wheels came off, I think this line by my colleague is a pretty good summary, Strong dollar + weak yen + difficult macro environment + US tech salaries = Japanese start-up slashing 40% global headcount. David Chu on LinkedIn So yeah, the […]

  • ChatGPT Fun

    ChatGPT Fun

    I went to today’s State of the Word presentation in person (woohoo, so nice to attend in-person events once again!) and one question was about the dreaded “build-to-launch gap” where you build a website for a client and then it takes them months to post anything into the beautiful container you built for them. There […]

  • NYC Rat Czar

    NYC Rat Czar

    NYC is looking for a bad ass rat terminator.

  • On Mastodon

    On Mastodon

    Recent events at Twitter have many thinking about abandoning the social network for an alternative. Here are some thoughts on the great redirect.

  • Credit Rating System Baffles Japanese Influencer

    Kemio is a Japanese social media influencer trying to make his way in New York and is now in between apartments. The hilarity of this bit might be lost on you if you don’t understand Japanese but even if you don’t, you’ll get a sense of his breathless exasperation. The set up is that he […]

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