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  • Sports Rivalry

    Sports Rivalry

    How do you squeeze that extra bit of effort when you’re already at the highest levels of a sport? Top athletes have a competitive streak that they can tap on demand to push them beyond. Having the ability to summon that competitive drive and harness it to drive you to further heights is the secret […]

  • Sotetsu Line Tear Jerker

    Sotetsu Line Tear Jerker

    In America, it used to be AT&T that made the nostalgic TV commercials that would bring a tear to your eye. In Japan, a Yokohama train line is pulling on that thread. The Sotetsu line was the train I took to my Japanese grandmother’s house in Wadamachi from its terminus in Yokohama. It was the […]

  • Something Different

    Something Different

    Yasumura has been polishing his bit for years back in his native Japan. Now he has taken his act internationally to Britain’s Got Talent, changing his name to Toni Kaku and leaning into his mangled Engrish. Don’t worry. . . he’s wearing . . . PANTS! Izumi dug up a video of him from eight […]

  • Underlined or Crossed-out?

    Underlined or Crossed-out?

    Last night’s episode of Succession hung in the balance on the interpretation of a memo left in Logan Roy’s safe and the collective interpretation of a single, wobbly pencil line left by the family patriarch. Just when you think it can’t get any murkier, the clouds roll in.

  • New York Media Obsession

    New York Media Obsession

    I’m looking forward to when we can spend more time talking about challenges in front of us than crime and corruption from the past..

  • Succession Riffs on Media

    Succession Riffs on Media

    Cringy dialog around media from HBO’s Succession

  • The Challenge Ahead

    The Challenge Ahead

    Generative AI presents a challenge for media companies that can no longer rely on Google for “discovery.” The chat UI commoditizes everything it indexes so every source in its index is reduced to a mere footnote. The article (or media artifact) construct will exist tangentially to chat, but with less importance to the reader experience […]

  • Art is by humans, for humans

    Art is by humans, for humans

    I thoroughly enjoyed the final cut of Everything is a Remix which, if you’ve seen earlier cuts, has been updated to include a chapter about AI and its impact on Art. The conclusion is uplifting, affirming the triumph of human creativity over the robots. Kirby Ferguson completed this multi-year project, manually curating an impressive number […]

  • The learned grammar of humanity

    The learned grammar of humanity

    Thank you Noam Chomsky for pointing out the key difference between generative AI and human “intelligence.” The human mind is not, like ChatGPT and its ilk, a lumbering statistical engine for pattern matching, gorging on hundreds of terabytes of data and extrapolating the most likely conversational response or most probable answer to a scientific question. […]

  • Ukraine


    Today is the anniversary of the war in Ukraine. The Stop Putin page is still up and the Yale School of Management estimates over 1,000 companies have withdrawn from Russia since the conflict started. If you’re looking for someplace to donate, check out the 1K Project. Looking through my archives, here’s a rundown of things […]