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  • Super Bowl LVI – the ads

    Super Bowl LVI – the ads

    Larry David, the McKeever brothers, and Coinbase’s floating QR code.

  • Jonathan Pie

    Jonathan Pie

    Put your coffee down before you watch the video. Jonathan Pie is a fictional broadcast reporter created and performed by British comedian Tom Walker. The New York Times invited Jonathan for an in-character interview to explain why the British are fed up with Boris Johnson. But when Mr. Pie turned his sights on the “entitled […]

  • Enragement Metrics

    Enragement Metrics

    Feeding users polarizing content works great at engaging people and converting them into repeat visitors and that the revenue from those engaged users is intoxicating.

  • France 2024 Hype Videos

    Now that both Olympic and Paralympic Games have closed, all eyes look to the next Olympic Games, Paris 2024. During the closing ceremonies they played a hype video to get you excited for France and it did not disappoint. An equally impressive performance was shown at the closing ceremonies of the paraolympics.

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Due to the drought, the Northern California town of Mendocino is running out of water and is considering bringing it in via a tanker train. Greenville, another NorCal town, was reduced to ashes by the Dixie fire, the third largest in the state’s history. While the Yankee Stadium grounds crew was busy cornering a cat […]

  • The longest marathon

    The longest marathon

    The curious case of Shizo Kanakuri’s epic run

  • Human Pictograms

    Looking back at the human pictograms used to illustrate 50 Olympic sports in 5 minutes I realized the inspiration is from an Japanese game show I wrote about earlier, Kasou Taishou.

  • Simone Biles

    The courage to “put mental health first”

  • Your Robot Future

    Your Robot Future

    Two versions for you. One a dystopian robot beehive and the other, a thin veneer of joyful play hiding a powerful and increasingly sophisticated machine. Exhibit One the Ocado beehive Robots used by the UK online-grocer Ocado zip back and forth across “the grid” delivering good to human packers who box everything up for shipment […]

  • The Flying Car

    The Flying Car

    The AirCar is the flying car of our childhood dreams. Today a prototype completed an inaugural, 35-minute intercity flight from Nitra to Bratislava in western Slovakia. Although this is a maiden voyage, the company has a lot of experience. The company has been working on its hybrid aircraft for more than 30 years. With 142 successful […]