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  • Smarted

    I’m not going to go into detail on the why and how the wheels came off, I think this line by my colleague is a pretty good summary, Strong dollar + weak yen + difficult macro environment + US tech salaries = Japanese start-up slashing 40% global headcount. David Chu on LinkedIn So yeah, the […]

  • ChatGPT Fun

    ChatGPT Fun

    I went to today’s State of the Word presentation in person (woohoo, so nice to attend in-person events once again!) and one question was about the dreaded “build-to-launch gap” where you build a website for a client and then it takes them months to post anything into the beautiful container you built for them. There […]

  • NYC Rat Czar

    NYC Rat Czar

    NYC is looking for a bad ass rat terminator.

  • On Mastodon

    On Mastodon

    Recent events at Twitter have many thinking about abandoning the social network for an alternative. Here are some thoughts on the great redirect.

  • Credit Rating System Baffles Japanese Influencer

    Kemio is a Japanese social media influencer trying to make his way in New York and is now in between apartments. The hilarity of this bit might be lost on you if you don’t understand Japanese but even if you don’t, you’ll get a sense of his breathless exasperation. The set up is that he […]

  • There’s More That Unites Us

    CBS Sunday Morning rolled out Ted Koppel last weekend to explore how the United States became so polarized as a nation and if there were things that could mend the divide. Twenty-one years ago, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, may have been the last time that the United States was openly – even […]

  • Japan back open

    On October 11th Japan finally lifted the burdensome Covid restrictions which prevented all but the most determined from visiting Japan. With the USD/JPY rate approaching levels that we haven’t seen since the 1990s now is a great time to visit Japan.

  • Meta-Onion


    When The Onion filed an Amicus Curiae in support of parody.

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    The University of Oregon has one of the best Track and Field programs in the country. Meanwhile, State University of Oregon has built the fastest running robot, clocking in a 100m dash in 24.73 seconds. As the Russian draft ramps up, two Russian men escaped on a boat 300 miles across the Bering Straight to […]

  • Playing the game

    Ko Yamaguchi is causing such a sensation in the Japanese High School Baseball tournament that even the Major League Baseball blog has a post about him. This savant from Japan is taking switch-hitting to a new extreme. He switches which side he hits after EACH pitch. Literally every pitch! Though perhaps we should put “hits” […]