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  • Playing Father Christmas

    Playing Father Christmas

    Tonight I had the rare privilege of keeping the dream alive for some 70 kids who came to our street to visit with Santa. Our street gets totally decked out in lights for the month (we even got covered in the SF Chronicle) and to cap things off, we have a little Santa’s workshop thing […]

  • Boating with my neighbor

    Boating with my neighbor

    My neighbor has a small powerboat that he takes out to cruise around the Bay, including over to SBC Park where he’s got season tickets to see the Giants. This morning, at his invitation, Tyler and I went out to cruise around Alameda Island passing the giant cargo cranes (pictured) on the way out of […]

  • Home at Last!

    Almost two months to the day of searching and we finally got the house of our dreams. We are now going to be residents of the Island of Alameda! We must have reviewed at least 50 houses and were in bidding wars on three of them. I was beginning to get blase about the whole […]

  • Flying


    Michael Karp, our new friend in Alameda, took Tyler and I up for a spin around the Bay with his son. Tyler was glued to the window as we took off and circled over the Golden Gate but then fell asleep for the landing. Just another flight for him I suppose but for me it […]

  • Otis School Picnic

    Tyler’s school had a school-wide picnic today. Jello eating, three-legged racing, water balloon toss, potato sack racing, and pot luck picnic. Tyler’s making some good friends.

  • From the ground up

    The price of homes are so high and the opportunities for massive appreciation on the sale of a restored Victorian that those with time and money on their hands are buying old run down houses and giving them a complete makeover. We met one couple that had this dream and they would drive the streets […]

  • Tyler’s First Day of Kindergarten

    Tyler’s First Day of Kindergarten

    Today was Tyler’s first day of school. Here are the before and after photos of the day. The parents got to see all the kids get settled and watch the teacher welcome the class and read them a story. I have a good feeling about the school, a nice mix of kids with two teachers […]

  • Electric Coils & Chickens

    Our kitchen/dinning room looks like one of those life-sized dioramas in the Smithsonian that should be titled something like “Rental Apartment in Alameda, circ. 1980.” Behind me on the wall someone thought it’d be funny to put up a Norman Rockwell print (signed litho by the way) of some Pilgrim in the stockade with the […]

  • New Category: Alameda

    As we begin to put down roots (no, we don’t have a permanent home yet) I thought it only fair that I create a new category to bring together all anticipated observations about our new home. Here are some snippets: – Alameda residents are pround of their city. “A small island off the coast of […]

  • Breather

    We took some time off from the house hunt today to spend some time enjoying the beautiful weather with the kids who were fraying at the edges after three solid days in which we must have previewed over 20 homes around the Bay Area. We first headed over to Alameda to check out the 20th […]

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