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  • Keen, local footwear

    I’ve been seeing more and more of these funky looking mocs around town that I began to wonder if this was some kind of local favorite. Keen Footwear broke onto the scene with such subtle force that it was hard to pin where their fanbase was coming from – it just seemed to be that […]

  • Birf-day Weekend

    Tyler called me on Saturday and told me to look in the drawer under my sock drawer where Izumi and the kids had stashed a birthday card for me before I left. He was so excited to tell me about the suprise and it was so sweet to have something from them to kick off […]

  • Alameda, a boating community

    This is the view from the High Street Bridge, about a ten minute walk from our house. I read somewhere that Alameda has something like one sailor for every three residents and I hope that we can join their ranks someday.

  • How much for that shack in the paper?

    A popular topic in the Bay Area is real estate. With home prices reaching obcene levels, all the talk in the carpool is about which homes are on the market, what we think they’re worth, and, suprise, at what price they eventually close. This speculative topic has  spilled over into the office as some of […]

  • Easter Sunday

    After some fun with Mie on Saturday, we stayed home on Easter Sunday to take part in the annual neighborhood easter egg hunt. We were told to leave a dozen eggs for every child under seven in the morning and the older kids on the block would hid them on the grass median in front […]

  • Rain, Rain, Go Away

    Rain, Rain, Go Away

    While we were away in Hawaii, my sister said that it was raining most of the time and, would you believe it, it’s raining again now. The rainfall has topped up all the reservoirs which has abated last Summer’s drought worries for now (these things take time to sort themselves out). Being on a small […]

  • Walking to school with my son

    One of the great things about living in Alameda is that I can walk my son to school each day. On most days we pick up the neighbor across the street and during the 15 minute stroll we can talk about things that are going on in each of our lives. Being in Kindergarten, there […]

  • Alameda Antique Fair

    On Sunday we went to see the Alameda Antique Fair which must be seen to be believed. There must be over 400 vendors spread out over the tarmac of the old naval airfield in Alamdeda. All sorts of weird and wonderful stuff, interesting people too. Pictures here.

  • Speed Lumps

    I’ve heard of Speed Bumps and Speed Humps but here in Alameda we have Speed Lumps. What exactly is the difference and imagine the bewilderment to the road construction crew when they go into the back of their truck to pick up the the appropriate sign, “I don’t know Larry, they kind of look like […]

  • Commuting Choices

    At long last our offices are now up in San Francisco so I am no longer taking the automobile down the freeway to work each day. Now the choices of how to get to the office abound: 1. The bus can take me from Alameda to the Transbay bus terminal. There is a stop about […]