Keen, local footwear

mnewprth2110230mbrn_445.jpgI’ve been seeing more and more of these funky looking mocs around town that I began to wonder if this was some kind of local favorite. Keen Footwear broke onto the scene with such subtle force that it was hard to pin where their fanbase was coming from – it just seemed to be that everyone you met at the local Edison School was sporting a pair.

I saw them again on the cover of the June issue of Business 2.0 where they were featured as one of The New Instant Companies and then again, today in Alameda Magazine where the article goes on to say that they are based in Alameda where they plan to stay, no matter how big they get.

Yeah! I cool and subtle badge to promote my local homies on the Island.






2 responses to “Keen, local footwear”

  1. mie Avatar

    Dav bought a pair when he did his Vietnam and Thailand trip. The only pair he wore and they were fine. He wears them all the time now 🙂

  2. Dav Avatar

    I bought a pair of Keens for my Thailand/Vietnam and Brazil trips. They’re really comfortable but they get kinda stinky when you where them every day for months 🙂

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