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  • Our New Future

    looks grim

  • Russian Tank Killer Drone

    Russian Tank Killer Drone

    “A group of drones could operate in a fully autonomous mode – establishing a position and keeping to a designated route, and also interacting with other robotic complexes.” – RT News You read that right. Fully Autonomous. Shiver.

  • Daniel Suarez Nightmare a Reality

    I wrote back in June about Autonomous Robotic Weapons and the fear that SciFi writer Daniel Suarez had that these would one day be built and what could go wrong. Looks like it’s real. In the recruitment video above, the Air Force invites future cadets to work with them on creating a network of autonomous…

  • Internet of Things – What Things?

    Internet of Things – What Things?

    All joking aside, the internet of things is a technology looking for a use. The geek in us tells us that connecting devices together is a good thing. Networks are better than the sum of it’s parts. Choice is better than none at all. Back in the day, I had a friend who set up…

  • Mars Curiosity computer specs

    Mars Curiosity computer specs

    Inside the Mars Curiosity Rover is basically an Apple G3 (PowerPC) computer with 256MB of DRAM, and 2GB of flash storage (see ExtremeTech for details). Note that this cpu is about 1/4 the speed of an iPhone half the RAM (512MB) and much less than the 64GB of storage memory. Oh, and the software? Some of…

  • Will Sony Get Back it’s Original Mojo?

    Will Sony Get Back it’s Original Mojo?

    When Steve Jobs first visited Sony, he had huge respect for the company and it’s founder. He emulated many aspects of the company and even tried to convince Apple employees in California to adopt Sony’s famous grey ripstop nylon vest uniforms. On a trip to Japan in the early 1980s, Jobs asked Sony’s chairman Akio Morita why everyone…

  • Cloud Computing through the Ages

    The Network is the Computer – Sun Microsystems – 1990s Nothing but Web – Google – 2011 Two perspectives on an old idea, twenty years apart. For a humorous perspective on Silicon Valley spin, check out Larry Ellison’s schtick at the Churchill Club, “The Cloud is Water Vapor.”

  • Information as Entertainment

    OK, so word is out that Solid State Drives (SSD) are not as reliable as they were once thought to be. Essentially, we projected the decades of expertise that have gone into making hard disks reliable onto these new drives and expected more or less the same level of reliability. Of course, as people started…

  • The $8,000 dumb phone

    When you can afford a personal secretary to keep track of your every need, a mobile phone is basically a piece of jewelry, much like a wrist watch or pocket watch of by-gone days. These are single-purpose devices that are a fashion statement, more form than function. Taking this approach, focused on the voice aspects…