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  • Toilet Tank

    Don’t worry, the toilet flushes without disturbing the fish and you have to admit, it’s something to look at while relieving yourself. What’s interesting is that Aquariass was covered by Popgadget, which advertises itself as a personal tech site for women, who will not be able to enjoy it’s beauty in quite the same way […]

  • Ride of the Valkyries

    Ride of the Valkyries

    I’m not normally a muscle bike type of person but the image of the new 1800cc Honda Valkyrie caught my eye. I think I feel a mid-life crisis coming on!

  • E-book revival

    E-book revival

    Sony has just released it’s LIBRE e-book based on the Boston-based company, E-Ink technology which they have licensed. This is a recycling of an old concept that Sony has tried before (remember their custom-sized CDROM Databook?) and hope to make a successful go of it this time. At 40,000 yen a pop with 300 yen […]

  • Cyber-shot DSC-T1

    One of the great things about the inlaws visiting from Tokyo is that they bring with them the latest techie gadgets from over the horizon. This Christmas was particularly special as they brought with them Sony’s latest and greatest digital camera and, even better, it was a gift!The camera is the size of a thin […]