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  • Japan’s Super Phones

    I had a chance to visit the KDDI Design Center in Harajuku right at the base of Takeshita-dori (well worth a visit if you get a chance) as well as a few electronics stores to see what’s on offer from the major operators. Here’s some of the highlights of what I saw. The obligatory 8.1 […]

  • Netbooks and Smartphones Converging

    Cell phones are getting larger to accommodate a larger display and laptops are getting smaller and more portable. As the cellphone gets more expensive and the laptop gets cheaper there will come a time in the not too distant future where they will cross. Which device will it be? The netbook or the smartphone? Who’s […]

  • Can you embed your social network onto a chip?

    So I’m really excited because I scored a free pass to this week’s Web 2.0 Summit based on a comment I left on John Battelle’s blog where he asked his readers for questions for executives he is going to interview on stage. My question was for Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel: Do you forsee a […]

  • Red One Digital Camera

    Red One Digital Camera

    You’ve heard about Red One, the swish new HD digital video camera available at the fraction of the cost of competing digital cameras. Red, founded by the guy that brought you Oakley sunglasses, will revolutionize the movie industry and threatens to replace 35mm film. Now you can see some sample footage, it’s spectacular. skate – […]

  • Bluetooth Headset Monitors Conversations, Offers Helpful Advice

    A new type of Bluetooth headset hits the market today that offers a unique service for busy travelers on the go. Listening in on your conversations, the Concierge by Sony Ericsson offers helpful tips when it senses hesitation or pause in the dialog. Let’s say you’re talking to your date about a good place to […]

  • Wafer-thin LCD Screen

    40-inch display, 1080p LCD announced by Samsung is less than half an inch thick! You could probably use a glue stick to mount it on your wall. Full story on engadget.

  • SkyMall Mashups

    JR Conlin always does these great write-ups on items of interest that he pulls out of the SkyMall catalogs that you always find tucked into the seatback pocket on airlines. In homage to JR as well as a wink to the mashup culture of silicon valley, here’s my version of the genre. “What would happen […]

  • Just Squeezing By

    photo by SunnyDis The buzz around the office this morning is the amazing entrance that the Queen Mary 2 made yesterday. It was a flickr moment as everyone with a digital camera flocked to the shore to document the event. Catch more amazing photos under the tag queenmary2. News coverage with details of how the […]

  • For the man who has everything – one huge swiss army knife

    In celebration of their 100-year anniversary, Wenger, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, are putting out a special edition knife. It weighs almost three pounds and comes with 85 different instruments including the toothpick. Suggested retail is $1,200. Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife.

  • Putting out fires with a 747 Supertanker

    Flying down to Burbank this morning I could see the smoke from the massive forest fire that has been raging in the hills to the North of Los Angeles since Labor Day. I heard that they beat back the flames using a DC-10 reconfigured for firefighting and while looking for a photo of this jet, […]