Bluetooth Headset Monitors Conversations, Offers Helpful Advice

A new type of Bluetooth headset hits the market today that offers a unique service for busy travelers on the go. Listening in on your conversations, the Concierge by Sony Ericsson offers helpful tips when it senses hesitation or pause in the dialog.

Let’s say you’re talking to your date about a good place to go for Chinese and have come up short after a run down of the usual spots. Concierge will softly suggest a few places nearby based on geo-location data made available from your GPS-enabled phone.

Having a debate with your landlord about a drafty window that needs fixing? Concierge to the rescue again with a list of reasonably-priced contractors convenient to your home address.

Once you get used to that voice in your head, you’ll never want to take it off. Concierge will sing softly to you when it’s time to go to sleep and bark your active to-dos first thing in the morning when you’re brushing your teeth.






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  1. AvidReader2008 Avatar

    Ok, you had me. I was like… how does it do that!!! LOL. It is nice looking Bluetooth headset… and I love Sony's products… but I was thinking… WOW how big brother can things get. Thanks for the humorous look at a new gadget and a great way to go get me look at the product through your link!!!

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