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You’ve heard about Red One, the swish new HD digital video camera available at the fraction of the cost of competing digital cameras. Red, founded by the guy that brought you Oakley sunglasses, will revolutionize the movie industry and threatens to replace 35mm film.

Now you can see some sample footage, it’s spectacular.

skate – shot on red – 120 fps from opus magnum prod. on Vimeo.

Details from story on

The Red One records motion in a whopping 4,096 lines of horizontal resolution—”4K” in filmmaker lingo—and 2,304 of vertical. For comparison, hi-def digital movies like Sin City and the Star Wars prequels top out at 1,920 by 1,080, just like your HDTV. (There’s also a slightly higher-resolution option called 2K that reaches 2,048 lines by 1,080.) Film doesn’t have pixels, but the industry-standard 35-millimeter stock has a visual resolution roughly equivalent to 4K. And that’s what makes the Red so exciting: It delivers all the dazzle of analog, but it’s easier to use and cheaper—by orders of magnitude—than a film camera. In other words, Jannard’s creation threatens to make 35-mm movie film obsolete.

More sample video on the Shot on Red website including the movie a trailer shot by Peter Jackson referenced in the Wired article.

Available now for a cool $17,500.






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