Garmin to provide directions to your friends

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Congratulations to my buddy Walt Doyle! His company, publishes the Facebook app, Buddy Beacon, which you use to broadcast your physical location to your friends. They’ve got and iPhone app and, just recently, they announced a partnership with Garmin to provide an overlay to Garmin’s GPS maps so you can see where your online friends are in the physical world.

No more calling your friends for directions to the party. Just have them check in on Buddy Beacon and you can get instant turn-by-turn directions!

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2 responses to “Garmin to provide directions to your friends”

  1. Walt_Doyle Avatar

    Thanks for the great post Ian! We are excited about the Garmin release and interoperable buddy finding and LBS services overall. Cross carrier, cross device, cross media – connecting people with the people and places that matter to them. Any time – any where!

  2. Manny Avatar

    Looks kind of like an iPod in a big yellow casing 😮

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