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  • WVIL Concept Camera

    Flickr’s Camera Finder tells us that the traditional point-and-shoot cameras are on the way out while, as a whole, camera phones are on the way in. As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have in your pocket. What if one were to go with this trend and merge what’s best about […]

  • First Crowd-Sourced Car Company

    First Crowd-Sourced Car Company

    I just listened to a TWiST interview with John “Jay” Rogers, President and CEO of Local Motors, a Southern California company that has set up a platform for a vibrant community of car enthusiasts to share and vote on each other’s car designs. There first car, the Rally Fighter, is coming off the line and […]

  • Eco-friendly module housing from Finland

    4Nature is a Finnish company that makes modular homes that are easy to construct, giving people in disaster zones long term shelter, getting them out of tents or other short term shelters. A 55-square meter house can be built by three people in 48 hours using simple tools without electricity. I met Mikael Arpiainen, the CEO […]

  • PowerKiss, Wireless Charging from Finland

    PowerKiss, Wireless Charging from Finland

    Wireless charging technology has been around since Nikola Tesla came up with the idea. In that sense, Finland startup PowerKiss is no different. Put the receiver (the Ring) into your phone and then place it on top of the power transmitter (the Heart) which is designed to be attached or built into furniture. But unlike Powermat, […]

  • The Future of Glass

    For Corning, the future is made of glass. Corning makes Gorilla glass (check out this video) that is found in the Nokia N8, the LG Optimus 7 that I’m test driving and many other smartphones.

  • Touch Wood Phone?

    Touch Wood Phone?

    I love Japanese design, everything was looking great about this latest concept model from Sharp. The concept was really cool (you can read more about it on WirelessWatch Japan) until I heard the name. What’s that in your pocket again?

  • Push Button Social Networking

    HTC announced two phones with dedicated buttons for Facebook. The touchscreen Salsa and ChaCha (pictured below). Running Android Gingerbread 2.3.3, HTC modified the Sense UI to integrate the Facebook into the experience. According to the HTC press release, The Facebook button on HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa is context-aware, gently pulsing with light whenever there […]

  • Dual SIM is Better Than One

    Dual SIM is Better Than One

    Nokia Researcher Younghee Jung has an fascinating two-part post about how people are hacking their phones to support multiple phone numbers. We found a service offered by a local mobile phone dealer (Mobile Phone People, one of the Nokia authorized dealers) in Ghana. It costs 15 euros to have the two SIM cards combined into […]

  • Isotoner 2.0

    I remember when Isotoner gloves were the default fallback Christmas gift when you didn’t know what an older relative wanted. Right around November it seemed like every third TV program was brought to you by Isotoner reminding you that they were the perfect stocking stuffer. Who doesn’t need a new pair of gloves? What’s not […]

  • Built-to-order

    Custom, made-to-order merchandise was a feature of the fashion industry for many years. Think Saville Row custom made suits way back or mail order catalog goods such as the L.L. Bean monogrammed tote bag or Land’s End sweater. Recently, online sites have brought customized fashion to the footwear industry. Adidas and NikeiD sites below feature […]