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handbag tv

From the not quite sure about this department.

Spend a lot of time sitting on the bus or train with your handbag in your lap wishing you could catch up on all your favorite TV shows and movies? BagTV from London has created a line of handbags with a built-in monitor for just this situation.

The first in a range of new products, is a beautifully crafted ladies hand-bag, which comes in a range of cool colours, leathers, and fabrics, integrated with a high quality 7in TV screen combining, DVD, and Mpeg player.

The screen sits behind a protective transparent shield and enables the owner to literally watch Films/Videos either on DVD or downloaded to the bag.

The system comes with full connectivity for use with computers or digital cameras through USB port and SD card slot, allowing the playing of scrolling photos on the bag.

Just add wifi connectivity and a touchscreen and you could use this to surf the web as well!






2 responses to “Handbag TV”

  1. Manny Avatar

    This is the next step in “hatervision” Kind of like putting an LCD in the back of a headrest of a two seater truck. Sigh. Guess its a step up from the belt-buckle LCD 😛

  2. John Michael Avatar
    John Michael

    does it come with a girl too! 🙂

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