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  • Childhood Nightmare

    The stuff of nightmares when I was growing up was this scene from the slasher, Trilogy of Terror. Boston Dynamics released an update And, of course, Black Mirror perfected the terror in Metalhead.

  • Black Mirror Meta

    Black Mirror has a very active sub-reddit community that pours over every episode, turning it inside out with theories, interpretations, and insights. The community and the show feed off each other and every so often the director will drop easter eggs as a hat tip to the community. I will not spoil the plot of…

  • China testing Black Mirror episode IRL

    You know that Black Mirror episode about how your social network ranking has a direct impact on your access to an apartment, preferred rates, a spare seat on an airline? Nosedive is a chilling tale of a dystopian world connecting the trend lines of the technology evolving all around us. What if your online behavior…