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  • This story has legs

    This week’s Time Magazine has Dan Rather on the cover with the title, "Who Owns the Truth" which should be a page-turner for anyone in the blogging industry. Previously and editor for The New Republic, now a brand name blogger, Andrew Sullivan writes a piece in which concludes that the ecosystem of old media and […]

  • Monitoring Blogs

    The San Jose Mercury News did a piece this week on companies turning to new tools to track consumer opinions on blogs. More and more people are beginning to realize that the right blogs, if monitored correctly, can serve as an early warning mechanism for the PR flacks everywhere. With their finger on the pulse […]

  • Bush’s Blog

    You know your industry is getting into the mainstream consciousness when The Onion does a parody piece on it. In other news, this blog got it’s first Comment Spam this morning, in a strange sort of way, I feel that I’ve arrived.

  • Bloggers and the DNC

    A lot of people are reading about weblogs and bloggers for the first time in the media coverage of the recent Democratic National Convention. While the debate in the traditional media over what exactly qualifies as a jounalist comes off sounding a tad defensive, it’s instructive to read some of the coverage of the convention […]

  • 24 Hours Non-Stop Blogging

    Hooray to Mie and Dav who just finished 24 hours of non-stop blogging.

  • Moblog

    My sister was just over for a visit with her and took lots of photos for her moblog site.

  • Blogs

    Blogs have now entered into the mainstream. AOL is releasing a blog package for all its subscribers and now Doonesbury has picked up on the trend as well.