Bloggers and the DNC

A lot of people are reading about weblogs and bloggers for the first time in the media coverage of the recent Democratic National Convention. While the debate in the traditional media over what exactly qualifies as a jounalist comes off sounding a tad defensive, it’s instructive to read some of the coverage of the convention from a blogger’s point of view. I particulary enjoyed Jessamyn West photo blog coverage which turned the camera on the cameramen with clever meta commentary on the side.

DNC Day 1
DNC Day 2
DNC Day 3
DNC Day 4
DNC Day 5

I particularly liked this shot which shows Moveable Type in action (on a Mac and a PC as well!) at the convention.






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  1. Mie Avatar

    damn, those links were totally worth going through. Makes me wanna hang around the RNC…and moblog the hell out of it…although that’ll be smack during Burning Man (when so many intelligent, creative, and energetic liberals spend an entire week in a desert after spending half a year preparing…no better way to occupy what could be an active anti-bush activist group. There will be some burners heading there though to make their presence (see:

    If anyone knows how to get blogger passes, let me know. I’d do it, even with Burning Man going on.

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