We took JetBlue from JFK to Oakland for a change of pace. And what a pleasant surprise! The people were nice for a change and seemed truly happy to have us aboard. Our fellow passengers also seemed generally jovial and it’s can-do cheekiness reminded me of the early days of Virgin Air. Our arrival in Oakland was painless and Izumi was amazed to see that people actually seemed civil and polite, holding open a door here, thanking us for something there, and waving and smiling even when the situation didn’t call for such niceties.

We stopped in at the Six Apart offices so I could pick up my laptop and other Six Apart-branded goodies (notepad for written notes, USB key for electronic, kit bag to hold it all) and my sister was there to moblog it all.

Tomorrow we visit the first of our scheduled realtors and start looking for a place to live in earnest.






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