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  • New Yorkers Stick Together

    New Yorkers Stick Together

    New Yorkers face all sorts of hassles that come with living in the big city. Whether it’s the daily breakdown of the subway or a parade blocking your crosstown taxi, these is always some minor inconvenience that comes with living in a vibrant city. The day-in-and-day-out of millions of people rubbing shoulders, fulfilling their dreams […]

  • Japan back open

    On October 11th Japan finally lifted the burdensome Covid restrictions which prevented all but the most determined from visiting Japan. With the USD/JPY rate approaching levels that we haven’t seen since the 1990s now is a great time to visit Japan.

  • What to do in Oahu?

    What to do in Oahu?

    A friend is headed off to Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands for a week and asked for a couple must-do activities while he’s there. I’ve visited the island several times and here’s my list: Rent a car for your stay. You’ll want to have a car to get around unless you’re staying at a place […]

  • Finca de Mike

    Finca de Mike

    Stumbling across beauty & terror in the jungles of Guatemala

  • Google Flight Search UI – Brilliant

    Google Flight Search UI – Brilliant

    Google’s Flight Search scatter plot visualization of fares is brilliant. Word is that fare data is still light (they don’t have any international, non-US fares) but the UI has put all other travel comparison sites on notice.

  • Fun with Foursquare

    The visualization below was built in 48 hours using the FourSquare API. Ian Kennedy’s Foursquare by WeePlaces.com. A video of the global view, posted it on Vimeo, and posted it below.

  • What to do in Tokyo?

    What to do in Tokyo?

    A friend visiting Tokyo asked for recommendations. I often get this kind of question (I lived there for 10 years and am half-Japanese)  so for future reference, to point people in the future (and a place to park any follow up suggestions in the comments) I’ll put my recommendations here in this post. Here’s the […]

  • Cheesecake for Breakfast

    Cheesecake for Breakfast

    I just got back from two weeks vacation in Paris with the Izumi and the kids. We opted to spend all our time in one place and rented an apartment so that we could soak in the rhythms of daily life in the city at our own pace. As an American from Silicon Valley, two […]

  • Stamp Rally for Grown-Ups

    Stamp Rally for Grown-Ups

    On our last trip to Japan, we decided to take our dog, Mimi, along to meet the rest of the family. We moved to Finland from the United States so we knew that travelling with pets involves a lot of paperwork. Avoiding a lengthy quarantine for Mimi coming to Finland required the signature and stamp […]

  • Does AppleCare Cover for That?

    Blam! That was how Israeli security forces took care of Lily Sussman’s Macbook at the border. “I’m sorry. We had to blow up your laptop.” After two hours of questioning her they took her laptop out back gave it three bullets . They missed her hard drive so the data is apparently safe and reading […]

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